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played Wembley Arena last night, and I was there.
It was very loud indeed - I can hear whistling today.
Great selection of tracks, about 6 from Absolution, 3 or 4 from Origin of Symmetry and 4 or 5 from Showbiz (my favourite).
From opener 'Apocalypse please' to the last two of the normal set 'Time is Running Out' and 'Plug in Baby' the crowd were captivated - the number of bodies being pulled from the front showed a few down there were getting excited too :)
In TIRO a mass of black balloons were released into the standing masses which was an awesome sight to see, even better were the huge 'rover' weather baloons released to them during Plug in Baby - these were filled with ticker tape too, and occasionally one would pop, showering the crowd below.
The Encore was 'blackout' and the storming 'Stockholm syndrome' which involved matt creating as much feedback as he could from a guitar, a mike and a big monitor speaker :)

Some fine reinterpretations of well known bits of songs made for fun listening. Some of it was so good it made me cry :)

Pity about the acoustics and distortion, but I loved it anyhow. Got a nice Charcoal grey t-shirt too :)

Dave Gorman tonight :D
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