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Quick update

Well I'm still alive :) Had to cut a 3rd new hole in my belt on Friday, but my weight seems to have plateaued at just under 17st. I'm sure it will start falling off again soon. 2.5 st down, 2.5 more to go.

Things are great with my new girl, and I'm loving it :)

Went to see '21 grams' this evening, - hmm nah mate - very disjointed and depressing, I thought.

Had 2 interviews last week, didn't get one, but they said they liked me and would consider me first for ad-hoc work, which is nice. Second one was a bit rushed (they called when I was still at my girlfriend's and asked if I could be there by 11, no suit, just as I was!) Hopefully should find out more tomorrow. The rest of the day was a bit frantic, and rounded off with a Kraftwerk concert. Fantastic gig, they rolled out all the old classics and did 4 costume changes :)

My flat is all clean and tidy now and it's giving me new purpose to have things ordered around me, I sleep earlier, do more, get things done. I can't help but think it's making my life better and all because of Gilly, Soppy Git that I am :)

Busy day tomorrow, and I get to see her for the first time in 5 days. so must get my beauty sleep :)
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